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Must-Have Features for Board Portal Shoppers

If you are considering implementing a board portal or meeting solution or replacing your current system, these are good questions to add to the list in discussions with providers:­

  • How will you secure our data? Ask if the vendor owns and operates its own servers for storing the information your board shares through the portal. MyBoardPacket does not use cloud storage. We own and operate all of our server hardware and software to maximize security.
  • How much training is required to use the portal? If your board members get confused navigating your current portal or if a vendor recommends training of an hour or more, you are losing efficiencies that a portal solution is supposed to deliver. That should never happen. As a point of comparison, most of our clients tell us that even their most technology-averse directors are navigating through the MyBoardPacket portal for the first time within minutes.
  • Does the portal provider charge a per-user extra fee? If the answer is yes, look for a portal provider with a fee structure that covers unlimited users. That option provides the flexibility and freedom to use your meeting portal for all of your meetings without having a fluctuating monthly invoice that can present budget headaches.

As with all technology systems, a thorough due diligence review that includes these questions can help your organization choose the best portal and meeting solution for your board. And make sure to request a demonstration and free trial. Taking a test drive is the best way to assess ease of use.

Board Portal Helps Keep Options Open

Portal solutions help boards accommodate members’ busy schedules­

Serving on a board of directors is a big commitment that requires active participation and regular attendance at board and committee meetings. But sometimes life gets in the way.

MyBoardPacket allows people to attend meetings from anywhere at any time. With an Internet connection, board and committee members can be active participants in discussions and voting. Consider these advantages in equipping the board with MyBoardPacket’s solution:

  • A secure board portal can facilitate both regular and emergency online meetings, with directors discussing and voting on action at an appointed time or in “asynchronous sessions” that don’t require simultaneous sign-ins. Board and committee members can find these discussion threads easily in one place rather than in disjointed messages buried in their email boxes.
  • If your field of potential board candidates covers a lot of territory, geography is not a barrier. Distant directors can sign in across many miles and time zones to review board reports and presentations, participate in discussions, vote on action items, and consult the board calendar.
  • Board and committee members who travel for business or pleasure don’t need to reschedule important trips to make it to meetings. And they don’t need to lug a briefcase full of agendas, reports, or financial statements with them. Everything they need is neatly organized and readily accessible through the portal on any smartphone, computer, or tablet. Plus, the free iPad app allows them to work offline on flights and at other times when they don’t have Internet access.
  • Directors can steer clear of threatening weather forecasts and natural disasters without missing meetings. Instead of putting themselves in harm’s way, they can sign in from a safe place. And board and committee members have peace of mind in knowing that all documents are protected in the event of a disaster: The MyBoardPacket portal doubles as a secure archive in business continuity planning for recordkeeping.
  • In addition to participating in meetings via the portal, directors and others attending industry conferences and training can share what they’ve learned in reports, including full graphics and links to audio and video presentations, with the full board or committee.

In short, the MyBoardPacket portal and meeting solution offers a portable, versatile, and secure boardroom for directors on the move.