Key Features

Key Features is a practical, online board packet management system that allows businesses of all sizes to securely manage, organize, contribute and distribute critical board meeting documents.

Users can view at anytime for up-to-date information on reports, meetings, templates, discussions, and current events.


Document Manager & Archives

Documents can be stored under two main sections: “Current” and “Archives.” The Current section provides an area for the most up-to-date information and a place for content that is always needed. Once documents are no longer required for active reviewing, they can be moved into the Archives section. Think of the Archives section as your online filing cabinet.

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  • iPad App Available
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Online Voting
  • Online Discussion
  • Archive all past Board Packets
  • View your calendar
  • Create Custom Tabs for Documents
  • Complete Directory of Contacts
  • Multi-level Permissions
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Supports Many File Formats; .ppt, .doc, .xls, .pdf and more
Multiple Tabs

You can also create unlimited USER-DEFINED Tab Sections for storing documents and posting information.

Bulletin Board for Online Discussions

Online Discussions provide immediate interaction, offering users a chance to communicate through posting messages, reading, creating, and responding to comments, issues, and meeting notes. Responses are attached to the original activity, creating a threaded history of the action associated with the activity. Face-to-face meetings are made more productive, with questions handled in email exchanges and online forum discussions.

Personalized News and Information

Through the “NEWS” tab section, you can publish announcements, report on “action items”, post job listings, website links and even third-party news such as online newsletters received by email.

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Company Announcements

Broadcast the latest business announcements such as new promotions, job hires or goal updates. No more updating static pages. With, you can create a company announcement, establish “begin” and “end” publish dates and let take care of the rest.

Company Links

This section allows you to list a variety of online resources for users to use. This feature is ideal for those who wish to make links for everyone to access.

Third-Party News Information

This feature is ideal for sharing information such as online/email newsletters that are emailed to only one person in the organization. With, you can avoid sending out individual emails by simply publishing it once for everyone to view on his or her own schedule.

Action Items

This feature enables you to record and organize the ACTIONS made in board meetings. It creates a searchable database that allows you to find the approval and effective date of action and also organize by category.


Integrated Tools and Services

Company Calendar

This calendar allows the Administrator to publish events for quick and easy viewing while easily coordinating schedules of different activities and meetings. Users can log on to to find a complete listing of upcoming events with this great online tool. Mapping instructions via a link to can also be provided.

Online Voting

You can place votes/polls that gets your users informed of business decisions. The Administrator is able to view the results. The Administrator also controls the voting by setting up and maintaining the items needed for voting.

User Directory

Users can load their personal contact information, photograph, and other information, which is then published in this online directory. All users can view this directory, making it easy to contact another user.