Why Use MyBoardPacket

Why Use MyBoardPacket?

Increase participation for more effective decision making. The easy accessibility of documents and information encourage greater involvement of the busy executives who make up a typical board of directors.

Reduce expenses and get greater efficiency. The traditional methods of printing, collating, stapling, and distributing can be reduced and/or eliminated as all information is posted on the centralized website.

Speed up communications. Information can be posted to a centralized website and broadcast announcements can be made instantaneously to all users when new information is available.

Stay more organized. MYBOARDPACKET.COM can be used as a centralized online archive to store past information and other reports for easy retrieval later. Users can browse at their own pace, with ample opportunity to develop questions and find additional information they may need.

Complete and Comprehensive. More information can be shared online in an organized manner, across departments and throughout the entire company. Add custom pieces of data like hyperlinks to articles or other websites of interest, or links to specific company reports.

Be more productive. Face-to-face meetings have a tendency to get hindered by operational issues. Those topics can be handled in advance through the email exchange and online forum features, so that board meeting time can focus on reaching strategic decisions.

Keep all your data in one place. Your auditors will love you. Now all your policies, resolutions and actions are fully documented in place. No more searching around for those missing reports and policies.

No more document disasters. MYBOARDPACKET.COM is a great piece to your disaster recovery.

If you’re still using hand-copied board books and regular email for board communications and document management, you’re not maximizing your board’s full potential to lead into the coming decade. Give them the tools they need to conduct business online, from anywhere, with