MyBoardPacket Features

MyBoardPacket is a practical, online board packet management system that allows businesses of all sizes to securely manage, organize, contribute and distribute critical board meeting documents.

Users can access MyBoardPacket anytime for up-to-date information on reports, meetings, templates, discussions, and current events.

Features Include



Conduct official votes and polls easily via web browser or iPad App. Settings allow you to select who is authorized to create new votes and view the results.

RSVP & Attendance

Invite attendees to RSVP to meetings. See who has responded, and how they've responded. Send reminders. You can also take attendance at the meeting to keep for your official records.

iPad App

Board members can review their Board Packet directly on an iPad. Ditch all the paper at the board meeting. The MyBoardPacket iPad App allows you to annotate your copy of the meeting documents.

Complete Packet

Automatic single file complete board packet generated. Your board meeting packet can be easily compiled into a single packet PDF with Table of Contents and index to simplify the board member's experience.

Organized Document Manager

Get your Board meetings organized online, with all of your documents in the right place, categorized into your board’s custom topics. Archive past meetings so they’re always available for reference.


Search portal for documents, meetings, and more. Easily find what you need, when you need it.

User Directory

Users can load their personal contact info, photo, and other information, which is then published in this online directory. All users can view this directory, making it easy to contact another user.
(This feature can be turned off if desired)

News Page

This optional page is designed for posting news & announcements. You can also list links to resources outside of the portal, like other online tools and websites.


The calendar allows the administrator to publish events for quick and easy viewing while easily coordinating schedules of different activities and meetings.

Secure Discussions

Threaded discussions are ideal for teams to share their input in a way that helps facilitate decision making in private groups of any size within your organization. You can create a Discussion Tab for your board member discussions and one for each committee as needed.

Also Featuring

  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Archive Past Meeting Documents
  • Create Tabs for Reference Documents
  • Multi-level Permissions
  • Unlimited Tabs for Meetings
  • Unlimited Users (No Per User Fees)

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