“Tampa Bay Federal has used the services of for a number of years now. Our Board of Directors finds it very valuable. We have given access to our external audit firm and our lead NCUA examiner. They can see what’s going on at Tampa Bay Federal at any time. It works.”
Dale Schumacher, President/CEO of Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union.

“Our Board meetings have never been so productive. Thanks to MYBOARDPACKET.COM, our Board has an additional communication channel that they can access at their own time to review Board files prior to attending the Board meeting.”
Linda Robinson, President/CEO of West One Federal Credit Union.

“My board members love their web site. All their reports are posted at least a week ahead of the meeting and it gives them the ability to review at their leisure even if they are out of town on vacation etc. It also gives the credit union the ability to have folders exclusively for the other committees such as Supervisory and Credit Committees. We also post all of the director’s policies as well as the credit unions business policies so that they can review any changes or if they are asked questions they know where to go to get the answers. The discussion and voting sections allow our board members to openly discuss items within the secured website before they vote.”
Grant Sheehan, CEO, Miami Firefighters FCU.

“We have used for just over a year now and have found the program to be very easy to use and a big time saver for us.”
Matt Kaubris, CEO, Oxford FCU

“Let me start out by saying that my board & I LOVE the “my board packet” system! It is the best thing we’ve done to make our meetings more efficient and it has saved me a ton of time by not having to organize, print and distribute board packets.”
Brenda S. Lippens, President/CEO,   Delta County Credit Union

“We have found so many uses for the product that it is amazing sometimes.”
Cris Wescott, Vice President of Finance & Administration, Synergent

“I just want to say that we have been very happy with It is a tremendous tool for us.”
Tom Pinnow, President, County City Credit Union (Jefferson, WI)